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Posting Feedback and Reporting Issues on eHive

We would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions, constructive criticism, and other feedback on eHive.


It's most useful to our developers if you can include the following information when reporting issues:

The page URL you were on - you can copy and paste this from the address bar

A detailed description of the error or issue

The text of any error messages that occurred

A step by step account of what you were doing when the error occurred


We'd also love to hear any suggestions for improvements. In this case, the following would be useful:

The page URL where the change would appear

A detailed description of what you would like changed

Any alternative solutions you think would also work

Have just encountered another problem in that when we load images, eHive rotates them sideways, regardless of whether we leave them unedited and load straight from a phone or turn them prior to uploading them. I canot see anyway withinn eHive to rotate images. Is this an iphone or eHive issue? Lisa Jones (Queensland Police Museum)


Of late the Save to Draft has not been functioning correctly. It says it saves but if you go in later to access the Draft the information added has not been retained, or is only partly retained. Since my museum works in a rather secure network environment I am not sure its its our system at fault or eHive.
I look forward to your response.


Hi Lisa,

Here is the same answer I sent you in the ticket.

eHive is orientation aware, so it reads the orientation set by your image. Some cameras and computers create incorrect rotations.

You can override this by rotating the image with an image rotation tool.

You can read more about the suggested image rotation tools in our article about Why are my images not rotated correctly?

All the best,


Hi Lisa,

I will create this as a ticket because we will need to have more information from you.

I will send it through now.


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