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Multiple Security Levels

When will eHive have multiple security levels available?

It was promised on this site in 2010.

Our organisation uses many volunteers to input and edit our records on eHive, and the present one user access is not appropriate.

Adding in multiple logins with different security levels is the next feature on our roadmap ( ), so we'll be starting on this next. We have been working through the design so that we're ready to do the development as soon as the imaging changes are complete. However, the development work is significant and is likely to take 6-12 months. We're looking at doing an incremental rollout, with very basic features first and then extending this with multiple smaller upgrades. A possible breakdown is: 


- add additional logins, all with the same security rights

- log user sessions and track which records have been changed

- assign users to broad security levels

- control security access at a more precise feature level

- support users logging into more than one account


Thank you for your interest in these changes. It is a priority for us - we just need to balance the work with changes to keep the system up and running with the large number of users. There are now 750,000 records in the system and over six million images files.

Hello, I'm looking at buying eHive for my workplace. I'm posting here as I think my query is connected to the above. Is the functionality mentioned up and running yet? I'm hoping to use volunteers to help me catalogue on separate devices. Can we have concurrent users, and would that be through one log on, or multiple log ons? TIA for any advice.

Hi Louise,

The multi user functionality has not been released yet, but will be released later this year. However, you can already have as many concurrent users logged into eHive and cataloguing. They will all need to use the one log in for your eHive account. Some sites have over 15 people working in eHive at the same time. 

When Multi-user is released it will provide security options for each user (e.g. read only, cataloguing, admin). You can then have users log in with individualised or shared log ins (e.g. Volunteers).

Hope that helps, please don't hesitate to ask if you have any other questions.

Kind Regards,


As with some of the above comments, we are a volunteer based museum with many volunteers. Not all need edit access to the eHive database.

We have determined that we do not need individual login functionality.  But levels of access would be VERY helpful.

For example:

LEVEL 1.   Administrator.   Able to read and edit account information and set passwords.

LEVEL 2.  Cataloguer.   Full edit access to the content of object records.

LEVEL 3. Read Only.   Museum staff who need to read the full content of records but not have edit ability

LEVEL 4.  Public.  Able to view the public content of records over the internet.

Levels 1,2 and 3 would need a shared password for each level.  No password for Level 4.

Is this possible?

Hi Ross,

Thanks for this! This is close to what we have planned. You can create a user that everyone on the same level can share. The only downside to that approach is that you won't be able to track changes made by a specific person. 

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