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Image URL in API response


Our online collection website uses eHive as an web access intermediary from Vernon CMS.

There have been some issues with the way this works since the migration to IIF.

Our developer has spoken with you recently and they mentioned that you are looking at returning the URL for the high resolution image as part of the API response when private security key is being used.

What is the ETA for this change? Is there any chance that it will be completed in the near future?

We need to make changes to the way that our site operates and it would be great to not have to change again in the near future.



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Hi Michael,

The problem relates to how your application harvests the original (full sized) images. The URLs for these images aren't part of the current API response and we weren't aware until this week that you were accessing them in this way.

The URL for high resolution images changed when we implemented the IIIF image standard for high resolution image zooming and panning earlier this year. We are planning to include the URL to the high resolution images as part of the API response in the next API version, but this is still a long way off (late next year in our current plans).

However, we are able to detail how the new URLs are constructed for the high resolution images so that your developer can continue to access these. We've sent through these details. We will keep this URL format unchanged at least until the next version of the API is available, and even at that point the URL structure may not need to change. So, you'll be able to use this URL format now and there will be no need to change this again in the near future.

Kind regards,


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