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Hi, has anyone integrated eHive into a Squarespace website?

Would building a bridge using Wordpress plugins be the simplest solution? 

Thanks in advance for any advice.

We don't have any experience integrating eHive into Squarespace. The WordPress plugins are specific to WordPress, so I don't think they can be used in any way with Squarespace. I

The viable options are likely to be:

Using the API

A developer could use the eHive API (this would be a big endeavour) to build plugins for Squarespace. I don't know if Squarespace provides the same extensible plugin architecture that WordPress has. The API is documented here: 

Stand-alone WordPress site

You could have a stand-alone WordPress site for just the collection similar to how Vernon Browser is used at many large Vernon CMS sites. For example, Sarjeant Gallery has a their main website running a content management system here: 

Then the online collection is running on a separate server running Vernon Browser and is accessed through this website: 

To do this you would need to set up a hosted WordPress site, set up a domain name for the online collection (usually a subdomain of your main website domain name), and you would need to do some basic branding changes in WordPress so that it fitted with the style of your main website.



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Thanks Paul!

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