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Download term pick list and bulk change terms

Hiya, I'm doing some work on our eHive CMS as part of an audit which will lead to a store decant for major building work. I'd like to know if there is a way I can download the lists of terms in our term pick lists so that I can review them and work towards cleaning the data? Following this, its likely that we'll need to bulk change some of the location terms that have been entered/used. Is this possible and if so, please can you advise the best way to do this? Many thanks, Lisa
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Hi Lisa,

At present we don't have any tools for bulk changing pick lists, but there are a couple of options that may help.

1. If the tidy up is just a straightforward change to the term name, you can go to that specific term list and edit the existing term to change it to have different wording / spelling.

2. We can bulk import records, including matching the records to existing ones to update them. We have used this facility for some clients to tidy up terms. The process is:

- we use the XML report type to export the records related to the terms

- the client avoids editing these records in eHive while we work on the terms

- we bulk change the terms in the XML file

- we import the records, replacing the previous version

The import process automatically creates new terms if they're not already present in the system. Any terms which now no longer link to any records can then be deleted directly within the Term Pick List screen in eHive. This is chargeable work and typically takes us an hour or two to make the changes and re-import the records.

We're working on a new feature to allow users to create saved lists of records. This will be the foundation of a bulk update tool as part of next year's new features.



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